Somfy ONE +


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Connected alarm system with integrated camera for the home
• Full HD 1080p camera (night vision, x8 zoom)
• Integrated 90+ dB siren – Loudspeaker and microphone
• Compatible with remote monitoring services
• Recording of videos on motion detection
• Detection compatible with domestic animals
• Select the areas you do not want to detect
• Integrated backup battery
• Scalable: complete with Somfy Protect accessories

The Somfy One + pack is a connected alarm system with integrated camera that alerts BEFORE intrusion thanks to the patented IntelliTAG technology.

Easy to install and use from the free Somfy Protect app, Somfy One + is ideal for protecting an apartment.

The pack includes only 3 products: 1 camera with 90 dB siren, integrated motion detector and backup battery, 1 badge and 1 detector for IntelliTAG doors and windows.
You can modify your alarm according to your needs with the “Somfy Protect” range of security accessories.


mode helps protect your family when they are inside your home. It can be activated (padlock half full) using badges or the Somfy Protect application.
When the night mode is selected, only the IntelliTAG and the selected cameras are active. They will trigger the siren and send alerts in the event of an intrusion attempt.