Monitor 5.” TFT CM-02NERV1

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Works for Genway Video Apartments systems (CM-02NE )

Power supply with constant voltage control circuit.
Power 18 V
Dimensions 120 mm x 90 mm x 70mm

(1)CM-02NE system can support fifty-six indoor phones at most.

(2)The door station has LED inside,so you can easily identify your visitor at night.
(3)Different door station panels availablel:

1×1,1×2,1×3,1×4,1×5,1×6,1×7,1×8, 2×6,2×8,3×6, 3×8,4×6,4×8.

(4)Three kinds of melody rings or Ding-Dong ring are available.
(5)There are seven kinds of indoor phones available.



(6) Indoor phone:  CM-02NERV1

a) Working voltage: DC 18V

b) Static current : <10mA

c) Working current : < 500mA

d) Display : 5’/5.6′ color or 5’/5.6′ flat tube B/W

e) Resolution : >450 lines

f) Dimension: 235(W)x200(H)x40(D)mm